High Blood Pressure Signs, Causes & Symptoms

High Blood Pressure


Blood pressure, often called BP, is like the rhythmic heartbeat of your circulatory system, measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). It’s a two-part reading:

  • Systolic Blood Pressure (the Top Number): This reflects the pressure on your artery walls when your heart flexes its muscle and pumps blood.
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure (the Bottom Number): This measures the pressure on your artery walls when your heart breathes between beats.

How Blood Pressure is Measured

  • Cuff Check: A cuff on your upper arm is the go-to tool.
  • Two Numbers: Your blood pressure is a duo – systolic (heartbeat) and diastolic (heart at rest).
  • Healthy Range: For adults, it’s typically 120/80 mmHg.
  • Normal Fluctuations: It can vary during activities or emotions.
  • Individual Variations: Everyone’s BP is unique.
  • Red Flags: Consistently high BP needs attention.
  • Health Impacts: It strains the heart and harms vital organs.
    Stay in the healthy lane, and monitor your BP!

    How High is Too High for Blood Pressure?

  • Normal Range: 120/80 is ideal.
  • Red Flags: 130/80 or higher means high blood pressure.
  • Emergency Alert: 180/120 or more. Seek immediate medical help.
  • The Gray Area: Prehypertension, a bit above 120/80.
  • Risk Awareness: Prehypertension can harm arteries, heart, brain, and kidneys.
  • No Quick Fix: Treatment benefits for prehypertension uncertain.
  • Silent Threat: High blood pressure often shows no symptoms.
  • Potential Risks: Vision issues, heart attack, stroke, kidney and heart failure.
  • Malignant Hypertension: A dire emergency, needs ER care.
  • Symptoms: Chest pain, breathlessness, vision changes, headache, weakness.
  • Hope in Control: High blood pressure can be managed.
  • Key Step: Regular BP checks for a healthier you.
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