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About RxPowered

Your comparison tool that assists in evaluating and selecting the most suitable prescription price options with discounts of up to 90%.

Our Story

Our prescription journey began in 2010 with our beloved dog, Macy, who had seizures. My husband and I were surprised at the high price of Macy’s seizure medication (which is also prescribed to humans), but we were shocked to discover that we could “shop” prescriptions just like people shop for airfare, hotels, vehicles, etc. Different pharmacies charge different prices, and it all changes regularly.

We learned about prescription savings cards as a way to save money for our whole family. I remember the first time I presented a savings card to the pharmacist. I was nervous she was going to laugh at me or have me escorted out, but she did neither. Much to my surprise, the card worked! Prescription savings cards are not insurance, but they DO save people a lot of money.  

Prescription prices still seemed high, even with the savings cards, and searching different sites became a chore. We wanted to find consistency and transparency in the world of prescription medications, so we created our own website, RxPowered.com. 

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We do not have millions of dollars to spend on marketing like GoodRx, WellRx, Blink Health, and some of the larger companies, but we CAN save you money on your prescriptions. Please help us spread the word—tell your friends and family about RxPowered.com!

RxPowered - Founder

Our Goal

At RxPowered, our mission is clear and unwavering: To empower you as a smart consumer regarding your prescription needs. We believe in providing fair options and arming you with the information necessary to make informed choices.

With RxPowered, you have access to a vast array of medications, often discounted by up to a remarkable 90%. 

Prescription Savings Card

Present RxPowered savings card to your local pharmacist to instantly get discounts up to 90% on your prescribed medications.